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Effect of Mistletoe



The main use of the mistletoe is high blood pressure. It is also used against cancer beside the medical treatment of doctors.

The mistletoe has also a lot of other abilities. In former times it was thought to be a remedy against every disease.

The mistletoe is a little bit poisonous and should used with care therefore.


Internally as tea

A tea from the mistletoe should always be made as a cold infusion. This is important, because in cold water the poisonous substances don't resolve and therefore a cold infusion of the is not poisonous. Also the healing abilities of the mistletoe could be weakend in a hot tea.

The tea can be used to lower a blood pressure, that is to hight. It also helps against other circulatory problems like a weak heart or arteriosclerosis.

When someone has a low blood pressure the mistletoe can help to raise it. This sound not logical, but when we understand, that the effect of the mistletoe works by strengthen the heart and making the blood vessels more elastical, we understand, that the mistletoe can modify the blood pressure in both directions.

The mistletoe can also strengthen the digestive system and the metabolism.

Because of this effects the mistletoe also helps against rheumatic complaints.

It also strengthens the nerves and can thus be a remedy against headache und dizziness. It can also help against epilepsy.

In the menopausal time the mistletoe can help against the typical problems. It also helps against menstrual problems. With its blood stopping ability the mistletoe can stop menstrual bleeding that is too strong. Thus the mistletoe is very helpful after birth.


Externally as tea

The cold infusion of the mistletoe can be used for bathing and poultices.

It can help against varicose veins and ulcers of the lower legs.

Also eczemas can be treated with mistletoe infusions.

A mistletoe poultice can allay rheumatic and neuralgic pains. External treatments with mistletoe are also good against arthrosis.

Against hay fever you can take a snuff of mistloe infusion.



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