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Effect of Mistletoe 


(Viscum album)


The mistletoe is a very strange plant, that you can see only in wintertime, when the trees, where the mistletoes grow, lost their leaves.

It grows in the form of balls on different kind of trees where it sucks water and minerals, what makes it a partial parasite.

In former times the mistletoe was a very important magical plant, that was collected by the druids with golden sickles. The mistletoe was not allowed to fall on the ground because this would stop their special abilities.

Because of the magical importance the mistletoe was believed to be a remedy for all medical problems.

In the time of the winter solstice and as christmas decoration twigs of the misteltoe are put at the doors of houses to prevent the house from harm. Who ever kisses under a mistletoe will become a happy couple.

In modern herbal medicine the mistletoe is used against high blood pressure and against cancer. But it has much more uses.


(Medicinal Uses)

  • Calming , Stops bleeding , Inflammation-inhibitory, Diuretic, Spasm-dissolvent

  • strengthening , High blood-pressure , Heart weakness , Fast heartbeat , Arteriosclerosis

  • Edemas, Fever, Digestive weakness, Constipation, Stomach weakness, Pancreatic weakness

  • Diabetes, Gall weakness, Nervous weakness, Headaches, Giddinesses, Joint inflammation

  • Chronic joint problems , Arthrosis, Rheumatism, Menopause complaints, Menstrual complaints

  • Uterine pain, Uterine bleeding, Uterine tumors, Discharge, Epilepsy, Hay fever, Varicose veins

  • Eczemas, Ulcers, Wounds, Cancer (beside medical therapy)




Used Parts:Leaves, branches

Substances:Viscotoxin, Viscin, Viscalbin, Asparagine, Bitter essence, Histamine, Oleanolic-Acid, Saponins,



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